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After graduation from State University of Leningrad Galina Politiko worked as a physicist for more than 20 years. During this time she got in contact with teachers of Buddhist philosophy and learned Eastern and Western massage techniques, which helped develop her natural capabilities. The result of this accumulated experience was the creation of a new healing method: "Meditative Massage".

In 1990 her life changed radically: she left scientific research in physics to become a healer and helper of people through body work.

Now she works in St. Petersburg as a Massage Therapist using Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai techniques of massage as well as different methods of relaxation, meditation and creative-visualization journey. She also travels throughout the US, Europe, India, and Thailand to continue to develop her professional skills and to help many beings.


Galina Politiko Resume

Galina uses in her practice following techniques:

Russian school of massage
Chi-gung therapy
Point massage
Rang dröl
Bio-energy correction
Chinese and Japanese massage, relaxation and meditation, visualizing.

1980-1990: National Geological Institute (Leningrad), Seasonal worker and healing practitioner.
1980-1990: National Optical Institute (Leningrad), Engineer.
1989- 1990: Social Ecology Protection Non-Profit Foundation (St. Petersburg, Russia), Director.
1990-1991: Zivuletschka (Center for Healthy Living), (St. Petersburg), Massage therapist.
1992-1993: Lek Keskus Oy (Center for Healthy Living), (Kouvola, Finland) Massage therapist.
1991-present: Kun Dao Health Center (St. Petersburg) Expert in Point Massage.
1991-present: Tibetan Center (St. Petersburg, Russia), Massage therapist, expert in Bio – energy correction.



Seminar in Meditative Massage

The seminar Meditative Massage runs 17 hours: Friday (6pm-10pm), Saturday (10am-5pm), and Sunday (10am-4pm).

Before beginning the seminar, all participants will experience a healing massage by Galina (as a part of the course). It is also possible to receive treatments outside of the course.

Course 1 is intended for anyone who wants to do something for his or her improvement (such as building new character qualities or self healing).

Students will learn massage techniques, and meditation and relaxation exercises. These simple techniques can be applied by persons of all ages, who will then receive a higher level of energy, feel much less exhausted, manage their everyday lives more easily, and live more healthily and joyfully.

Course 2 is intended for those who want to use bodywork to help themselves, and also to help their family and friends.

Students will learn and practice different techniques of massage, stretching, and meditative exercises, which will improve communication between partners in various relationships (in family, work, etc.). Galina has designed this work to go easily and not be too tiring. After a meditative massage not only the "patient," but also the "therapist" will be relaxed. In addition, the work with energy will improve our intuition, telling us what to do in different situations or what our body needs to heal itself. These methods can also be used to improve contact among partners in a group.

Both courses are recommended to all who use personal contact professionally, especially in cases where we need to concentrate and be relaxed at the same time.

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